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Participation in the Planning Process:
July 2021-February 2022

lily hill park - photo taken by Sarah Feb 2015.png


Caversham Park:  Beechcroft Developments have now put in draft proposals for discussion  to the Council for:

  • Conversion of the main house to provide 63 assisted living apartments;

  • Construction of a two storey 64 bedroom care home to the west of the main house following demolition of existing buildings;

  • Conversion of the existing buildings along the access to the site to 4 houses;

  • Erection of 33 houses on land lying outside the Historic Park and Garden boundary;

  • Erection of 41 new houses and 12 apartments on land to the east of the main house in the area of existing car parking, hardstanding and infrastructure.

  • Refurbishment and extension of the sports pavilion including the provision of 2 no. croquet lawns, 2 no. bowling greens and an additional tennis court.


Reading have promised that they will consult us when the planning application comes in but in the meanwhile Historic England is advising the applicant on the historic issues to be covered.

Caversham Park 2018.jpg

Caversham Park 2018


Strowdes and Hatchgate and Kentons, Kentons Lane, Park Place, Remenham:  These two large estates lie on the eastern side of Park Place Grade II* Registered Park and Garden and overlook the River Thames to the west.  Permission was granted in 2018 for a new house, gatehouse and estate buildings with associated landscaping by Christopher Bradley-Hole which includes a tunnel under the Wargrave Road to access the river.  As the approval had lapsed, the owners have resubmitted these applications.  We very much appreciate Wokingham inviting us to visit the site with them and comment on the proposals.



Craven House, Hampstead Marshall:  This application is for a new greenhouse set within the gardens of Craven House but also within Hampstead Marshall Grade II Registered park and Garden and next to listed structures.  The greenhouse would be higher than the adjacent wall (to the right of the gate piers in the picture below) and visible from the park.  We requested that the height be lowered to avoid an impact on views from the main park and erosion of the setting of the listed structures.

walls to Craven House.png

Walls to Craven House

Ditton Park 1760.jpg

John Rocque 1760 Map showing the park


The planning team at BGT are Bettina Kirkham, Fiona Hope and Helen Parvin. Do contact any of us if you would like more information at

All photos and illustrations provided by members of Berkshire Gardens Trust or with owner’s permission.



Lily Hill House, Bracknell:  The proposed change of use from B1 (offices) to C3 (residential) at Lily Hill House and Lily Hill Court has been carefully designed to minimise the impact on the surrounding parkland.  Many thanks to member Sarah Randolph who has written our research article on Lily Hill and looked into this application for us.


Silwood Manor, Silwood Park London Road Ascot:  This application was for a change of use and refurbishment of the Grade II listed Silwood Manor and attached Stables from D1 educational use to residential use to comprise 21 apartments; and retention and refurbishment of Silwood Lodge and erection of 12 new dwellings within the Silwood Park grounds. There are remnant survivals of a 1790 Repton designed valley landscape to the north of the Manor House (rebuilt late 1870s) and a later terrace and Lily Pond to the south (appearing by OS 1890) which will be retained.  We raised concerns about impact of the parking arrangements on the gardens and parkland but we were otherwise happy with the proposals.


Ditton Park:  Much of Ditton Park, a Grade II Registered Park and Garden which dates back to a medieval park, has been developed in the past but the Manor and its parkland to the north and west survive.  Developers are interested in building houses in the NW part of the park within sight of the listed Manor and the site has been included as a possible location within the Green Belt around Slough for ‘family’ housing for the Slough Local Plan.  We have sent in our strong objections to both proposals and we are awaiting the outcome.     

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