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August Garden Visit to Waltham Place, Maidenhead

Tuesday, 10th August at 1pm

Please be understanding if there are last minutes alterations in the arrangements for this visit due to the imposition of COVID restrictions.  We will make whatever changes are needed to remain in compliance with changing government pandemic restrictions.

We are pleased to offer a tour of the gardens of Waltham Place Organic Farm and Gardens followed by afternoon tea. This will be BGT's members first chance to visit Waltham Place since 2009. There has been a manor house at Waltham Place for at least a thousand years. The gardens date from the ownership of Louis and Carlota Oppenheimer who bought the estate in 1910.  Carlota was a talented gardener and was influenced by the garden designer, Percy Cane.  Under her guidance, the gardens reached their peak during the world wars when there was a team of 14 gardeners. Unfortunately, the gardens declined until 1984 when Strilli Oppenheimer started to replant the gardens and return them to their former glory and beyond.

Today, Waltham Place offers a unique and special environment. The 220 acre estate displays a remarkable diversity of ornamental gardens integrated into a mixed farm with pastures, fields and woodlands.  Impressive old trees form the background to the naturalistic plantings influenced by the Dutch designer, Henk Gerritsen. They explore the boundaries between garden and nature. Cultivated plants are combined with indigenous ones, and thus attract an array of wildlife. 

There is a maximum number of 24 people for this event so please book early. Until Monday, 20th July, only BGT members may book. Thereafter bookings from non-members are welcomed.

NOTE:  There is ample parking and there are toilets available in the grounds.  There will be no photography allowed.

waltham place.jpg


If you have any dietary restrictions, please email immediately after booking.

Cost: Tickets are £15 for members and £18 for non-members. 

Queries: Please contact Janet by email at   

Photograph courtesy of Waltham Estates

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