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November 2023 Lecture
-by ZOOM

Imagining Berkshire’s historic landscapes in the 21st century: what climate science says about changes to come and how to respond.

by Elena Saggioro

Tuesday 14 November 2023 at 2pm

We are very pleased to welcome Elena Saggioro, Research Fellow at the Walker Institute, University of Reading, who has specialised in the analysis of local climate change risk.  Her talk will be based on her extensive research here and abroad.  She is a key member of the team at the Walker Institute which, in partnership with Historic England and the National Trust, is looking at climate adaptation planning tools and techniques to support and inform future heritage sites management. . 


The heritage sector faces a range of risks because of climate change and responding to them is becoming critical to the sector’s sustainability. Man-made climate change is already affecting people’s and plant’s life in Berkshire. Warmer and drier summers, unprecedented torrential rainfall events and sudden cold spells are becoming common features of the local climate. What more can we expect to come as the planet keeps warming? And what can we do to support our nature, parks and gardens to transition in the new climate of the 21st century? 

In this talk Elena will explore what science says about the changing climate in Berkshire, and what we can do to support our landscapes and gardens to thrive (or survive) in the new climate era we are entering. She will also explore the concept of “climate storylines” and how it can help visualize risk and start conversations about climate adaptation.


The Walker Institute has explored waterlogged archaeology in the East of England at Wicken Fen which has a high potential for unique ancient remains preserved by the special waterlogged conditions.  

Elena has kindly waived her fees but would like us to give a donation to support the EiTTA (Emerging Interdisciplinary Twinned Talent Scholarship Fund) PhD Scholarship programme.  BGT will make a donation, but if you would like to hear more about this and donate, please click here.

Booking: Please book online before the 10th November. The tickets are £5 each. Non-members welcome. We will send you a Zoom link for the lecture a few days beforehand. The lecture will last approximately 1 hour, followed by questions.  The lecture will be recorded with the link available for a week to those people who have booked for the event. 


Queries: Kim Hacker at BerksGTmembership@gmail

All pictures courtesy of Elena Saggioro 

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