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Planning Update January 2024

West Berkshire Council

West Sandleford (Sandleford Priory Grade II): 

Proposed development for 360 dwellings in the wider estate of the Sandleford Priory has a long history which eventually went to appeal in 2021, on which a decision has yet to be received.  Development on land to the east, also within Sandleford Park, was called in and the plans approved by the Secretary of State in 2022.  Most of our concerns had been addressed except for the impact on an historic avenue of trees along Warren Road and a footpath leading through the parkland to the Priory.

View down historic avenue

sandleford priory h ave.jpg
Land South of Abbotswood, Newtown (Sandleford Priory Grade II):  

Part of the registered park and garden lies west of Newtown Road within the confines of a former kitchen garden, within which some historic walls survive.  The proposal for change of use of land to a Gypsy/Traveller site had largely been implemented but retained a large part of the site as rough grassland and considered the remnant walls.  We were happy that no harm would come to the park and garden provided the boundary walls and vegetation were retained and the site left largely as pasture.

White Lodge, Donnington Grove (Donnington Park Grade II):  

We have never been comfortable with the proposed extension or redevelopment proposals for this small historic lodge on the Donnington approach to the Manor House.  However, although the redevelopment plans were refused, a major new extension was approved in 2021.  The latest scheme is an improvement on the approved scheme so we have supported this.

Wasing Park Grade II: 

The estate wished to extend their permission for temporary use of land for Event Car Parking over a large part of the parkland.  We had concerns about the visual impact arising from large numbers of cars and other vehicles parking for major events on the hillside but permission was granted in 2023.

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