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Bettina Kirkham

Treasurer & Secretary

Hugh Simon

Other Committee Members

Fiona Hope

Alison Mihail

Kim Hacker (Membership)

Michelle Leek

Sian Thomas

Hon. President

Christina Hill Williams DL


Berkshire Gardens Trust (BGT) was established in 2009 as a private company limited by guarantee and has always had charitable purposes.  However, in April 2022 the Trustees were aware that as BGT’s turnover exceeded £5,000 in 2021-22, BGT was now required to register as a charity with the Charity Commission for England and Wales.  Consequently, BGT was advised to review its existing Memorandum and Articles of Association to ensure compliance with the Charity Commission. 

Following a majority vote in favour of the Special Resolution ‘That the Articles of Association of the Trust as laid before the meeting be approved and adopted as the new Articles of Association of the Trust in substitution for and to the entire exclusion of the existing Memorandum and Articles of Association’ at the AGM in September 2022, BGT applied to register with the Charity Commission.  Registration was confirmed by the Charity Commission on 5th January 2023. The registered address of Berkshire Gardens Trust can be viewed by clicking here.

The Trustees look forward to the benefits of being a registered charity.  This will not however materially affect the day to day running of the Trust whilst the Trustees comply with the Charity Commission’s requirements.

Recent Accounts, AGM Minutes, Trustee Reports can be downloaded below. Earlier years' documents are available on request from the Trust.

To discover details of how the Trust is run, our Data Protection Policy and membership rules, please download the relevant document, below:

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