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Interactive Map of Historic Public Parks

This map is a 'work in progress'. More entries will be regularly added as BGT's work on the county-wide inventory of Historic Public Parks progresses. To learn more about our Historic Public Parks initiative, click here.

Using the Interactive Map

NB. This feature is designed to display on PCs & laptops. It may not display properly on the smaller screens of some mobile devices.


  • The listing column on the right hand side initially shows entries for all Berkshire. You can use the 'Categories' box (top right) to select entries from a specific local authority area.

  • Click on an entry in the listings – the location marker shows on the map; and a data box pops up.

  • Then click on the arrow in the bottom right corner of this data box, this brings up google maps. By entering your own location, directions to the park will be displayed. 

  • The map is zoomable (by the +/- buttons) and 'dragable'

  • To get an aerial view of each location, click on the ‘satellite’ button (bottom left hand corner) and then zoom in. You may also need to drag the map to keep the required location in the centre of the screen.

  • A ‘full screen view’ icon is in the top left hand corner.

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